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Ancient Epidaurus is more than just one of Greece’s best-preserved ancient theatres. It’s a one-of-a-kind archaeological site and the famous Asclepius of antiquity – all within unforgettable natural surroundings and with nearby beaches
You are in the Peloponnese, in the concave of the ancient theatre of Epidaurus. From the upper tier, peace and tranquillity reign over the horizon and you understand immediately why the ancients chose this place to construct the famous Asclepion (or holistic healing centre) of Epidaurus. Now take a deep breath and look around at the grandstand and the stage below, from which you can hear the proverbial pin drop.

The birthplace of Psychagogia, meaning entertainment in the fullest sense of the word, Ancient Epidaurus is possibly the most beautiful open-air, ancient theatre in the world and is renowned for its extraordinary acoustics. Often overlooked, however, is that it was built as part of a wider healing centre. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is still a therapy for body and soul. And best of all, it is an ancient theatre that is still alive today, with performances of ancient tragedies finding their natural home here in the annual Athens and Epidaurus Festival.

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